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The security of knowing your operation is always protected.
Why Choose Us?

Transitioning to organic is not an easy decision. Let Northbourne Organic Crop Insurance, LLC give you a sense of security of knowing your operation is always protected. We hold meetings throughout the year to make sure you stay up to date with any changes to crop insurance, FSA programs, or farm bill updates. Along with that, we will meet with producers one-on-one as we believe not every operation is the same.


Since some organic and specialty crops are not insured under the standard Revenue Protection insurance, you need an expert in private and supplemental products to make sure you are adequately covered. If you are wondering who you can trust to protect the future of your farm, family, and finances, it’s Northbourne Organic Crop Insurance, LLC.

Northbourne has been actively involved in education and advocacy for organic and specialty farmers. One of the main projects is a video series published by the Organic Agronomy Training Service which gives you an insight into crop insurance for organic farmers in a unique way! Enroll in the free course here:

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